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No.4/B2 Kapasan, Simokerto

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In 1985, there was a little grocery shop called UD.Capstan. Starting from this little shop, it gradually became famous and well-known for having various imported and unique Food & Beverages products.

Eventually, UD Capstan become UD Kapitan in the era of the current Indonesian language being country’s national language.

We have been rapidly growing eversince. And thanks to everybody’s effort, in 2005, UD. Kapitan became PT Inter Buana Mandiri.

We can now proudly say that PT Inter Buana Mandiri is the sole-distributor of several international prestigious brands of Food & Beverages such as :

And so on.

PT Inter Buana Mandiri also distribute local-brand which also international standardize in terms of quality.


We provide KAPITAN (CAPTAIN / Leader) SERVICE:

K = KAPITAN (Kapitan/leader) in Availability, Prospect Market, Innovation, Treatment, Accuracy, Network.

A = Availability. We do highly effort to keep our availability of quality products.

P = Prospect Market. We serve both B2B & B2C as our Prospect Market.

I = Innovative both product’s variants and quality

T = Treatment. We give H+1 delivery as our quick & special treatment to our customers.

A = Accurate & selective in products quality.

N = Networking. Rich of network, we serve national market.


Being a KAPITAN (captain/leader) in Food & Beverage Distributor in Indonesia


Focus & commit on bringing the best service & quality to customers